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This Cooling Throw Blanket Is 50% At Amazon, But Not For Long

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If you’re a hot sleeper, having cool bedding can save your bedroom from turning into an uncomfortable hot box. Various comfort essentials exist for the summer, made with silky-smooth fabrics like rayon or lyocell that are airy and breathable, thus helping to minimize night sweats. If that sounds like heaven, you’re in luck: we found a reviewer-loved cooling throw blanket on sale at Amazon for 50% off with a clipped coupon, knocking the price down to just $14.79. The cooling blanket is 50 by 70 inches and several reviewers say it’s extremely cool to the touch, making it useful for those living in warmer climates or dealing with hot flashes and night sweats from menopause or other health challenges. One reviewer even says it helps them and their partner “sleep comfortably without turning down the AC.”

Many customers say this cooling throw blanket has helped ease warm, sweaty nights and several say it’s helped with hot flashes. “I have been a massive sweater for at least a year now, and now I’m finding out I’m going through menopause,” explains reviewer Donna P. “Plus I live in South Florida which does not help the heat portion of it … I am EXTREMELY satisfied. If you have major issues with sweating during the night … (especially women going through menopause) DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER! THIS IS THE BLANKIE FOR YOU!”

The fabric, which is made of rayon and a type of cooling nylon, is silky but reviewers say it doesn’t slip while it’s on a bed. Some even say it’s so cooling, their pets love using it. In another glowing testament, reviewer Edwina A. Criear actually says the blanket “was very cool to the touch, even in the plastic bag.”

Keeping your overnight cool might be tough during summer but this affordable blanket can maybe make things easier. At half off its listing price, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of its cooling comfort.

It works. I was actually cold. Phoenix weather and Menopause has me on fire but this blanket cools the flames. I had to put my comforter over me to warm up.” — J L

Especially at bedtime I run very warm in the groin area. I just lay in a T-shirt and underwear and drape this over my midsection and thighs and it is instant cooling relief! When it doesn’t feel cool anymore I just give it 3-4 shakes above me and it’s back to cooling. If having to shake it is a pain, use a fan on low over your body, that keeps it cool too. I did the fan trick in the summer(we have central air conditioning) but now that it’s fall the fan dries my nose and throat out. Not sure how much this would help in a hot humid environment without air conditioning but if your room is cool and dry it’s a must-have in my opinion!” — Krista S

We actually purchased this for one of our dogs to lay on. He’s a big boy, we live in Oklahoma where it has been 108 degrees and the air conditioning wasn’t able to keep up as well as normal. We thought we could take a chance and just hope it would help a little. We unfolded it and threw it on our own bed to check it out. My husband promptly came in and laid on it and was immediately surprised. It 100% seemed to make everything cooler. It is light weight and seems to be pretty well made but now it resides in the dog bed. We have since ordered another for our own bed. I have no problem recommending this blanket.” — Medlock52

“I’m hot, but not in the good way. I sweat all night in the summer even with the AC cranked, a ceiling fan, and only one thin sheet over me. My poor husband shivers under his double layer fleece blanket all summer. It’s ridiculous. And I haven’t even hit menopause yet! All that said, I’ve been desperately seeking a “cooling blanket” that really worked. Not just some polyester thing. Well, imagine my SHEER JOY to get up the morning after using this blanket the first time NOT covered in sweat! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how they wove jade into this (or maybe treated it with jade?) but it has a distinct cooling feel. If it’s been laying on me for a while and loses that cool feeling, I just flip it up in the air a few times to let fresh air get underneath, and it feels cool again. It’s magic, seriously.” — KFitto

“My roommate leaves the a/c at 76 degrees. Ugh. Being menopausal, it’s torture some nights. I have a ceiling fan and a room fan on at night to try and stay cool. I don’t like the air blowing directly on me. I’ve always used a light sheet to cover my torso, but I’d still wake up feeling sticky and sweaty. This blanket is a perfect weight. Slightly heavier than a sheet, but not at all heavy. It keeps the air from blowing directly on me. I don’t wake up sticky. It has a great cooling effect allowing my skin to “breathe”. I stay cool all night. I’ve noticed I’m not waking up to pull my blankets on or off several times a night.” — Athena D.

Living in Florida and being a hot mama now, I have tried several cooling blankets from Ailemei and other companies. The blankets from Ailemei are in my opinion the Best! They are great, very light, no bad smell and feeling soft and yes-cooling!!!!! I’ve got the costal collection for king, queen and the twin as my throw/travel blanket on Prime day. But this specific upgraded blanket is special. This one seems a little bit thicker, got some weight to it, just the right amount to feel you sleeping under a blanket and not a just a sheet. The blue color is on the darker side, not as bright as pictured, that might be just the photo. Which was unfortunate for me, since it didn’t worked with my bedroom.Even though I had to return it- I will re-purchasing another color when available (high demand). 5 stars from me!” — Gi Gi

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