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Mumbai, November 28: Google-owned YouTube warned users who use ad-blockers to watch videos on the platform. After that, YouTube announced that users who still prefer watching videos with ad-blockers may face a “suboptimal viewing” experience. YouTube has been working to provide the best possible services to its YouTube Premium Subscribers as well as non-premium users. According to reports, YouTube offered its premium subscribers to play mini-games through its new gaming feature “YouTube Playables”. 

With the help of YouTube Playables, more subscribers may join the premium platform and get entertained while watching ad-free videos. YouTube Premium Subscribers already get the ad-free experience, but bringing games to the platform could boost the users’ overall experience. The reports said the new YouTube Playables feature includes games like Daily Solitaire, Angry Bird Showdown, and over 37 mini-game titles. Google To Start Deleting Personal Accounts Inactive for Two Years From This Week.

YouTube Playables Feature Announcement and Details:

 According to The Verge report of September 6, 2023, YouTube began testing “playable games with select users”. The report said that it was the first gaming initiative by Google since “Stadia”. Stadia was a cloud gaming initiative by Google released on November 19, 2019, and discontinued on January 18, 2023. After three years, Google considered to return to the gaming by providing YouTube Playables for its premium users.

With YouTube Playables, the premium users of the platform get access to a collection of online games to play. The games can be playable through mobile or computer applications. Like online gaming websites, the users may not need to install any apps on the device. The reports said that the premium users started receiving notifications about the “YouTube Playables” feature about a week ago. Instagram’s Algorithm Offers Sexually Explicit Content, Including Footage of Children and Overtly Sexual Adult Videos: Report.

According to reports, the 37 mini-games will be available for a limited period and further said that users can access them until March 28, 2024. The reports said that the “Playables” feature through is accessible through the Explore tab. Google-owned YouTube may consider expanding the feature if the premium users have positive response and may introduce more games to the list. So far, there is no confirmation about the YouTube Playables.

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