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PET Scan

A PET scan is a medical imaging technique that produces 3D color images of the functional activity in your body. This is very useful in diagnosing certain diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and other metabolic disorders. PET scans use radioactive tracers to highlight areas of abnormality and can show a clearer picture of the problem than conventional CT and MRI images. This allows your doctor to make a faster and more accurate diagnosis of your condition.

PET Scan In Bangalore is a safe and effective procedure that provides valuable information to your healthcare provider. The results of a PET scan can help your doctor determine the best treatment plan for you. A PET scan can help identify tumors in many parts of your body, including the brain, prostate, thyroid, and lymph nodes. It can also identify cancer cells that have spread or recurred after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

There are several hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres that perform Pet Scan In Bangalore / Bengaluru. Most of these facilities are accredited from JCI and NABH, and have a team of highly trained doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. These centres are well-equipped with the latest technology and offer a comfortable and safe environment for patients.

Before the PET scanning process begins, a tracer is injected into your body. You may be asked to wait for a few minutes so that the tracer can absorb in your body. Once this happens, you will be asked to lay down on a narrow table that is attached to the PET machine. The scanner will start recording your image and you will have to remain still for the duration of the scanning process.

What to Expect From a PET Scan

It is normal to feel nervous or worried before undergoing any kind of medical procedure, especially one that can have serious implications for your health. This is often referred to as “scanxiety,” and it is a common feeling that many people experience before a PET Scan. However, you can ease your nerves by preparing for the test ahead of time and knowing what to expect.

If you have a PET CT Scan coming up, it’s important to choose the right hospital. A good PET-CT Scan facility will have a well-known reputation and the latest technology. A reputable hospital will also have extensive medical expertise and patient care services. It’s also important to choose a facility that offers affordable prices for PET-CT Scans.

A PET-CT Scan is a combination of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT). It helps to detect the presence of cancer, assess how well cancer treatments are working, and see if any cancer cells have spread. A PET-CT Scan can provide a more precise diagnosis than a PET scan alone, and it is often covered by insurance. The exact cost of a PET-CT Scan will depend on the type of scan you need and your personal health situation. You can find out more about the specific cost of a PET-CT Scan by contacting the facility directly.

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