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Often in relationships, we come to the juncture that we start having doubts about the relationship. It can happen at any stage in the relationship. However, having doubts does not always mean that something negative outcome has to come out of it, nor does it mean that the relationship has to end. Having doubts is a natural thing in any relationship, but when we address them in a healthy way, we can seek the answers we are looking for. “Having doubts about your relationship doesn’t mean it has to end. There are so many things you can do before you have to decide whether you should stay or go,” wrote Relationship Coach Marlena Tillhon.

What to do when you have doubts about your relationship?(Pexels)

The expert further noted down a few things that we can do when we have doubts about our relationships:

Pause: Instead of rushing to an immediate decision, we should take a pause and reflect on the things that are making us have the doubts. It is a healthy way of assessing the relationship and understanding our needs and expectations better.

Seek professional support: We often end up opening up to our friends and close ones for support. But often they cannot provide us with a biased view about people. However, in the case of professional support, we can delve deep into the real issues and find a solution that is healthy for everyone.

Regulate emotions: We should regulate our emotions before taking any step. Sometimes unregulated emotions can create chaos in the mind and make problems look bigger than they are.

Talk: One of the most important ways to address doubts is to talk to the partner about it. We should let them know how we feel and what the problem may be – we should have a healthy discussion.

Solve problems together: A healthy relationship is the one where the partners work as a team against the problems. We should find ways to solve problems together, rather than giving up.

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