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Unplugged Performance has been developing performance parts and accessories for Tesla vehicles for the past decade, and the California company has expanded its portfolio to cater to Tesla’s Cybertruck, which finally started customer deliveries last week.

The Cybertruck upgrades are part of a series Unplugged calls Up Invincible, and the initial offerings mostly cater to fans of off-roading. They include typical upgrades such as wheel and tire packages, a suspension lift kit, protective elements for the body, and some options for the bed.

The protective elements include familiar items such as steel bumpers and rock sliders, but the company also offers carbon-fiber fender flares, as well as a carbon-fiber hood with additional driving lights. There’s also an underbody protective panel that spans the length of the vehicle, which isn’t a bad way to add some extra protection for the battery.

The parts don’t come cheap, though there aren’t many companies already offering upgrades for the Cybertruck. A 2.5-inch lift kit costs $9,995, for example, while a rear bumper with a trailer hitch receiver costs $3,995. There are affordable options, too. Bed accessories including a slider storage system and Starlink mount can be had for $100 or less, and a set of 20-inch beadlock-capable forged wheels with tires starts below $2,000.

Unplugged Performance’s Up Invincible upgrades designed for the Tesla Cybertruck

While Unplugged Performance doesn’t typically offer powertrain upgrades, the company can boost the performance of other Tesla models through suspension and brake upgrades. It’s possible Unplugged will offer these upgrades for the Cybertruck in the future as well. The company has also teased that it is developing upgrades suited to law enforcement and military applications.

Unplugged Performance will start shipping the first products from its Up Invincible series to customers in December.

Tesla also plans its own range of parts and accessories for the Cybertruck. One of these will be a removable battery that sits in the bed. Others include a bed-mounted tent for camping and a roof-mounted light bar that can shine light up to 525 yards.

The Cybertruck is currently available with a starting price of $60,990. That price is for a base Rear-Wheel Drive grade that won’t start deliveries until 2025. The grade is promised with an estimated 250 miles of range, a 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds, a top speed of 112 mph, and a tow rating of 7,500 pounds.

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