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New Delhi, December 25: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has listed some top requests from the ChatGPT users which they want the company to deliver in 2024. From the GPT-5 language model to Artificial General intelligence (AGI), from better GPTs and from better voice mode the control over degree of wokeness/behaviour, Altman listed some 12 top requests from ChatGPT consumers.

“Some common requests: AGI (a little patience please), GPT-5, better voice mode, higher rate limits, better GPTs, better reasoning, control over degree of wokeness/behaviour, video, personalisation, better browsing, ’sign in with openai’ and open source,” he posted on X. iOS 17.3 New Feature Update: Apple Likely To Introduce New Features ‘Stolen Device Protection’ and ‘Apple Music Collaborative Playlists’ in Its Next iOS Update.

Sam Altman’s Post on X About List of Common Requests:

Altman said that he will keep reading the upcoming requests and “will deliver on as much as we can (and plenty of other stuff we are excited about and not mentioned here).” AGI in computer science is an intelligent system with comprehensive or complete knowledge and cognitive computing capabilities. Earlier this month, Altman told the Time magazine that AGI will be the most powerful technology humanity has yet invented.

“We have to make changes. We always said that we didn’t want AGI to be controlled by a small set of people, we wanted it to be democratised. And we clearly got that wrong. So I think if we don’t improve our governance structure, if we don’t improve the way we interact with the world, people shouldn’t (trust OpenAI). But we’re very motivated to improve that,” he was quoted as saying. Tesla and Chinese E-Commerce Giant Announce To Unveil Their Strategic Partnership on December 31: Report.

OpenAI announced its GPT-4 Turbo language model at the company’s first developer conference in November. “I think AGI will be the most powerful technology humanity has yet invented, particularly in democratising access to information globally,” according to Altman.

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