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Hispano Suiza is almost ready to launch the next evolution of its Carmen electric hypercar, which the Spanish marque last week announced will be known as the Carmen Sagrera.

The car will launch next year to mark the 120th anniversary of the founding of Hispano Suiza, and its name also gives a nod to the La Sagrera district of Barcelona, where Hispano Suiza opened a factory in 1911.

The original Hispano Suiza ceased building cars in 1946 but the company was revived late last decade by Miguel Suqué Mateu, the great grandson of Damián Mateu, one of the co-founders of the original company.

The modern company’s first product was revealed in 2019 in the form of the Carmen, an electric hypercar boasting carbon-fiber construction and a peak output of 1,000 hp. A more hardcore version known as the Carmen Boulogne was launched in 2020, boasting an extra 100 hp and upgrades aimed at improving performance on the racetrack.

Hispano-Suiza Carmen

The Carmen Sagrera is expected to deliver a boost in range. It will benefit from a more efficient battery with a capacity of 103 kwh, plus enhanced aerodynamics, Hispano Suiza has confirmed. The Carmen was launched with a 80-kwh battery that Hispano Suiza has estimated at around 250 miles of range.

In a statement, Sergio Martínez Campos, Hispano Suiza’s CEO, said the Carmen Sagrera will also lay the foundation for a new design strategy the brand will follow in the coming years.

Hispano Suiza hasn’t said how many examples will be built, but production of the earlier Carmens was extremely limited. Just 14 examples of the original Carmen were built, plus five of the Carmen Boulogne. One of those cars was delivered last year to Michael Fux, a car collector and CEO and founder of mattress company Comfort Revolution.

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