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New Delhi, April 2: Google, the tech giant, has introduced a new feature called “Audio Emojis” for Android phones. The innovative addition is expected to enhance phone conversations by allowing users to express emotions through pre-set sound effects. The introduction of Audio Emojis could provide users with a new means of expressing emotions and add a touch of humour to their phone conversations.

As per a report of India Today, Google is rolling out the “Audio Emojis” feature for Android phones. The report suggests that these audio emojis are essentially stock sound effects attached to six different emojis, which might include laughter, clapping, crying, a party horn, a poop emoji and a drum emoji as per a report of English JagranGoogle Banned Over 2 Million Policy-Violating Apps From Play Store in 2023.

What are Google’s Audio Emojis?

According to the reports, the Audio Emoji feature will enable users to select an emoji during a call, which will then play a corresponding sound effect for both parties on the call. This feature is currently in beta testing. To enable audio emojis on a phone, users should navigate to settings, General, Audio Emojis and toggle the feature to turn it on.

To use the Audio Emojisusers will be able to access the feature in the phone interface by tapping the “Audio Emojis” toggle on the call screen. The sounds will be audible to both the caller and the receiver, which will likely allow for a more expressive and interactive phone conversation. Instagram New Update: Meta-Owned Photo and Video Sharing App Updating Its Algorithm To Prioritise Original Content, Likely To Decline in Views for Reposted Content; Check Details.

The availability of Audio Emojis in the stable version of the Google Phone app is still uncertain. Nevertheless, the fun and engaging nature of this feature may expedite its arrival for Android users. Google has not yet made an official announcement regarding the global rollout of the Audio Emoji feature. However, the company is currently testing the feature and may release it to globally for public use in the coming weeks.

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