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Every great work of cinema begins with an artistic vision. In Binghamton University’s Master of Fine Arts program in Cinema, you will get the technical proficiency you need to discover that vision and express it through film.

While Cinema is part of Binghamton’s new School of the Arts, the department was founded in 1970 and is among the oldest in the country. Its instructors and alumni are some of the best in the field and have showcased their work at prestigious art venues and the world’s most respected film festivals.

The MFA program has two areas of focus: film studies and production, which focuses not only on developing technical proficiency but also on artistic discovery and expression. Engage with your inner “media archeologist” by accessing a wide range of film, video, animation, and sound tools from Super 8 to Black Magic, from analog tape to a full rack of electronic music hardware. 

MFA students work on a diverse range of projects through classes and independent study, ranging from documentaries, experimental narratives, and installations to formal materialist approaches. During their study, they have opportunities to learn by conducting workshops and meeting practitioners and scholars of the cinematic arts through campus events. 

A small cohort means that MFA students have exceptional access to faculty and department resources; scholarships and graduate assistantships are also available. Binghamton University also offers a robust array of career planning resources, including internship placement and assistance with job searches.

Contact [email protected] for application information and apply online at

For further details, contact Professor and Graduate Director Ariana Gerstein at [email protected].

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