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Does your child meltdown or misbehave at school? Here’s what you can do

By admin Dec4,2023

Parenting can be tricky. While we want to provide our children with the best of everything, we also want to teach them values and skills to navigate through life in a smooth manner. As our children start to go to school, they are exposed to a different world outside of their homes. They make new friends, they learn and gather knowledge. However, they often start to have a meltdown or misbehave in school. “I know it’s super overwhelming when our children misbehave at school. Try to remember that there’s more going on underneath the surface and that your child doesn’t want to behave badly or be seen in a negative light by you or their teachers. Something is likely getting in the way of them succeeding and so the first step is to focus on trying your best (through ongoing conversations and quality time) to understand what school is like from your child’s perspective,” wrote Psychologist Jazmine McCoy.

Does your child meltdown or misbehave at school? Here’s what you can do(Unsplash)

As parents, it can be overwhelming for us to know that our children are misbehaving in school. Instead of taking strict actions against them, we should try to find the reasons for their behaviour patterns. Here are a few things that we can do.

Focus on their experience: Sometimes just being a good listener and spending time with our children can help us to understand the experiences they have in school. Before jumping in to solve problems, we should delve deeper to find the reasons.

Establish meetings with the teacher: The teacher can provide information regarding the happenings in the school. Being in regular touch with the teacher, working together in solving problems and advocating for the child can help us to understand the situation better.

Seek professional help: Regular meltdown in school or certain behavioural patterns can be the signs of other problems that they are facing. It is important to seek professional help to solve the situation.

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