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Bose QuietComfort Earbuds On Sale For Lowest Price Of 2023

By admin Dec5,2023

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As you’re holiday shopping for loved ones (or even yourself), consider the music lover, the podcast listener or the frequent commuter in your life and know that at least one time or another, owning a pair of noise-canceling headphones has definitely crossed their mind. Right now, Bose, one of the best-known names in listening, is offering up their well-reviewed QuietComfort Earbuds II for 29% off — the lowest price these have been all year at Amazon.

These second-generation QuietComfort buds are fitted with Bose’s notable high-fidelity audio, one that promises crisp notes and rich bass that remains balanced and clear no matter what volume you set. We also have to mention their proprietary noise-cancelling technology, which smartly personalizes your level of noise dampening to your own ears and even includes a true quiet mode that silences noisy surroundings for an immersive listening experience.

With several function settings and a sleek charging box that can fit in your pocket, these headphones can also be controlled using an app on your phone and have up to 24 hours of battery life with the case. Many people attest to the brand’s claims of all-day comfort; the earbuds come with three size options for ear tips as well as stability bands made from soft silicone.

Available in up to three colors, the QuietComfort II earbuds have no shortage of impressive claims from real users, including some that have given them the title of “best earbuds.” To see more of these convincing testimonials, keep reading or grab yourself a pair before the sale is over.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“As of April 2023, these are by far the best earbuds on the planet. I live in my ear buds.. every day, almost all day I have them in watching videos and streams and some music so I always splurge on what the reviews say are the best. I had the Sony XM4s for 13 months and I used them every day until their battery very quickly went from lasting 6 hours to 4 to literally 1 hour. Their warranty is 12 months and at 12 months and 1 day, they won’t honor it. Had to throw them away after 13 months. I was extremely impressed with those so I was actually shocked when I first put these QC 2s in my ears…

The noise cancelling is revolutionary. Like, actually a game changer. I have $1200 noise cancelling aviation headsets and they don’t come close to these never mind the XM4s. It makes every other noise cancelling I’ve experienced seem like a gimmick toy by comparison, it’s actually a strange sensation is so amazing.

-The sound isn’t even comparable to anything else. These are night and day way better than the XM4s and every other ear buds I’ve ever heard. The bass actually sounds like a crisp powerful sub woofer with in depth deep powerful notes when listening to explosions or music. It’s just a powerful and full sound without any lacking areas.” — Maximus Joseppi (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

“These headphones are without a doubt the best headphones I have purchased so far in my entire life. I say thus far, because I know that technology is able to continue to become greater and greater as we advance through time, but as of 2023 these headphones are so packed with technology that they meet every need that I could want out of headphones, and additionally have some extra really cool perks.

“I want to talk first about the number one need that I wanted these headphones to meet. They claimed that they had 100% noise canceling and I can confirm that that is absolutely correct. Closing out the loud outside world is something that is real true need of mine. I live in a major city, and everything is so loud that I can barely concentrate. I do like the amount of bass that these headphones are able to produce. It’s way more than I expected. Additionally the clarity on these headphones is so good that I can can barely describe it in words. There is a treble mode, and a bass mode within the app so I can choose between these two modes and intensify the kind of clarity and or bass that I’d like.

“The charging case is a medium to small size. It fits well then my pants pocket and doesn’t get in the way when I’m in the gym. That’s one other thing that I wanted to make sure I told you about, is that these are the perfect headphones for the gym. I’ve seen several other people in the gym with them on, and now I know why. They don’t move around in my ears at all! I work out very intensely, and if headphones were going to move around then they would move around on me. They stay exactly where I put them even though I’m sweating on them non-stop for over an hour each day. I love everything about these headphones. My only regret is that I let the price of these scare me away for so long, and I didn’t order them soon enough.” — Wes (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

“These are awesome. It helped to watch a Youtube for setting up and adjusting them but it took about fifteen minutes altogether to check the sizing and get them going. They came half charged. I already have a regular set of Bose Headphones about two years old and these buds are every bit as good. I already am comfortable wearing them for a few hours at a time and have been able to answer phone calls on them. It takes a little bit to get used to the controls with swipes or taps but its no rocket science. The noise cancelling is great. I was power washing my deck while listening using them for the first time. Every time I started the washer after a few seconds it sounded like the washer lost power. After fiddling with it a few times, I suddenly realized it was the noise cancelling from the ear buds kicking in. It really dampens loud sound around you well. For the Amazon Day discount it was a good deal. Very happy with purchase.” — P. Mendelberg

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