Fri. May 31st, 2024

A fast-acting skin soothing balm

Promising review: “I cannot believe the difference this product has made. I’ve seen a dermatologist for a rash on my armpits for over a year now with no answers, no solutions, nothing. They’ve prescribed me topical creams, steroids, antibiotics, I’ve even had two biopsies with no relief. I finally came across this stuff. The first day I used this I had relief. My symptoms were a red, EXTREMELY itchy rash in both armpits. I’m talking itchy like to the point where I could not sleep at night. It was awful. The next day I could feel and see that it helped. I was still unsure if it would actually do anything to resolve the problem entirely, but I decided I’d do an experiment and continue to use it on one armpit only so I could test the difference. The relief was unbelievable. It has been awful to not put it on my other armpit as well but I wanted to hold out until I got the stitches out so I could show the doctor the difference. If you have a weird rash that you can’t seem to find relief from, I would recommend giving this a shot. I’m so glad I did.” — Jackie

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