Fri. May 31st, 2024

A roll-on sunscreen sponge to make the messy task of applying sunscreen a heck of a lot better

Simply squirt your sunscreen of choice into the applicator, attach the lid, give it a shake so the sunscreen reaches the sponge and then apply. Your hands will stay clean (no more greasy hands), and the sponge will prevent too much sunscreen from coming out, so less product will be wasted. It’s available in multiple colors and in a two-pack.

Reviewers recommend using a more watery sunscreen; if your preferred sunscreen is quite thick, this may not work for you. And just so you know, the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) says most adults need about an ounce (the equivalent of a shot glass) of sunscreen to adequately cover their face and body.

Promising review: “Not just for kids. I told all my friends it’s awesome. Pricey, but better than wasting expensive sunscreen in globs. This make the sun screening process much less messy and not as much a drudgery. They even have replacement pads available so the ergonomic container can be reused indefinitely. Consider one to keep at home and one packed to travel. MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS. They can almost apply sunscreen on their own with little assistance.” — Bette Henry

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